Friday, July 26, 2013

Msgr Edward Hawks - 1878 / 1955 - Obituary - St Joan of Arc Parish Harrowgate Philadelphia

                                                                                                     Photo: L. Gould

From a British Archive:

Noted convert, author and lecturer dies

MGR. EDWARD HAWKS, who was born in Wales, became an Anglican minister and then a Catholic priest, and for the past 35 years was Rector of St. Joan of Arc's Church in Philadelphia, has died at the age of 76.

Mgr. Hawks an internationally known writer and lecturer, was born in Crickhowell, Brecknockshire. He studied at London University, Lennoxville University, Canada, and the Nashotah House Anglican Seminary in Wisconsin.

One of twenty

He was ordained as an Anglican minister but was received into the Church in 1908, being one of 20 clerical converts associated with the late Mgr. McGarvey, and was ordained by Archbishop Prendergast in 1911.

He was an outstanding authority on non-Catholic efforts towards unity, both among themselves and in relation to the Church.

During the first World War he was a chaplain to the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

He was a regular contributor to the Catholic Standard and Times and contributed many articles and short stories to America, The Commonwealth, the Catholic World, the Ecclesiastical Review and other magazines.

In 1936 he became a Domestic Prelate to the Pope, and was later appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of Isabelle the Catholic.



Sunday, July 21, 2013

Harrowgate Movie Theater Philadelphia – 3419/21 Kensington Avenue, Harrowgate Philadelphia 1923-1954

The Harrowgate Theatre opened in 1923 with a seating capacity of 1013. The theatre was located on Kensington Avenue at E Russell Street. The Harrowgate closed sometime in 1954. According to the Philadelphia tax records, the mason-front building is still standing but in sub-par condition.

(Also has been roller skating rink and banquet hall.)

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daniel Chester French - Law Power and Prosperity (unseen) Statues - Mullett's Second Empire Post Office Philadelphia - 1880

The contract for the Philadelphia group was signed in May, 1878. The theme French chose was Law, Prosperity and Power. The group is designed of three figures with a central and dramatic woman, Law, standing sixteen feet high and holding high above her head the tablets of law. Seated on her right is a man representing Power, his torso turned to face the standing figure. On Law’s left is a seated woman representing Prosperity, chest bared and looking forward. The work was completed in May, 1880.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cedar Grove - Fairmount Park - K St and E Sedgley Ave - Harrowgate Philadelphia

A famous Harrowgate landmark, the Cedar Gove mansion moved to Fairmount Park in the 1920s, is being listed by some writers as having been in Frankford. Frankford is not Harrowgate and vice versa.

While we are on the subject, let me put Cedar Grove on the Harrowgate map since all tour guides and written guides don’t have a clue where it once was located in either Harrowgate or Frankford.

It was on a map just off the western extension of E Sedgley Ave. past the intersection of E. Sedgley Ave. and “K” Street. In present day terms, its original location is now in the middle of a parking lot of what appears on Google satellite to be a warehouse off Eire Avenue.

Google Maps (composite)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Amelie Zell (Felton) – Cuban Born Philadelphia Artist/Sculptor – Harrowgate Park Eagle – War Memorial – 1952 – “To Honor Those Who Served”

(Philadelphia Public Art)

Recent Auction details
Fine Art Auction
Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 10 AM
on premises
Newman Galleries Warehouse
2304 South Street
Philadelphia, PA at 10 AM

Other furnishings; distinctive decorative and other objects:

Amelie Zell original full-scale plaster work-up for the bronze “eagle in flight” which for many years was displayed from the first-floor ceiling of John Wanamaker’s Philadelphia department store

Zell, Amelie
World War II prevented travel in Europe, so Zell chose instead to study in Mexico, and later toured the Southwestern United States, the Isle of Pines and the West Indies.

Zell received several first prizes for her life sculpture and drawing while at the Academia Nacional in Havana. She since exhibited her work individually in Havana and Cape May, New Jersey, and in group shows at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Zell was a member of the Philadelphia Art Alliance Sculpture Committee, and a member and Recording Secretary of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She was also a founding member of the Seven Arts Group in Philadelphia. Her sculpture, "Family Group", is found in the Tomlin Memorial Hospital in New Jersey, and her sculpture "Eagle" can be viewed at the Harrowgate Memorial Park in Philadelphia.
Born in Havana, Cuba, Amelie Zell attended the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes. In 1940, she continued her training at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and was awarded a Cresson Traveling Scholarship.