Saturday, June 16, 2018

3533 Bleigh St.(Ave.) - Sample Home - 1936 - Claude H. Alexander

3533 Bleigh Street

Clarke and Kniskern - Realtors - Guest Home Furnished by John Wanamaker

Inquirer 19 Jul 1936

Inquirer 19 Sept 1936

Thursday, June 14, 2018

J Jacob Shannon & Co - 1744 Market Street - Hardware - Mechanicals - Contractors

Advertisement - Atlantic City

Engineering and Contracting - 29 June 1910 - "Must Have Catalogs"

Public Ledger 27 Feb 1917

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Excerpts Speech Dr. R. Tait McKenzie - Dedication Sculpture "The Homecoming" - Pennsylvania Gazette 13 Oct 1922

Claude H. Alexander - 1894-1978 - Mechanic - Irish Immigrant - Philadelphia Area Photographer

I ran into, backed into,  this photographer's negative collection at the Philly Library collection

Then looking around the Internet to document an address on one of the photos I found a bio of a guy with a similar name and the connection in both presentations is the tractor photo(s). 

No bio on the Philly Library stuff. Nothing really published as an obit either on the Internet, my means of research etc.

And interesting bio on one of my favorite subjects, Irish Immigrants, and their contribution to American culture. And since this is an American Doughboy. I liked the story. 

Flag Honors Irish Immigrant

A photo by Claude H. Alexander of the model of "The Homecoming" memorial of the original in Cambridge England, of sculptor Dr.  R. Tait McKenzie @Penn, no doubt at one time on display in Philly?

The photo that a friend J Rowe sent to me from the Philly Library collection by email was of a Gas Station 1930s, no address, which if you grew up at Frankford and Glenwood Aves. would by the image of 3742 Frankford Ave in backgound have to be a local icon of in its day, 1950s-60s repurposed as Cass's Restaurant, more like a greasy spoon and or corner luncheonette. 

Frankford and Glenwood Aves. or 3744 Frankford Ave. with old George L Horn Public School in background (left)

Address - 3744 Frankford Avenue - Frankford and Glenwood Aves - Harrowgate  

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Shed Art - Terra Cottas - Karl Bitter? - Broad Street Station

First I heard of these city terra-cottas in the old Broad Street Station. Sounds a bit like it has the makings of an urban legend. 

I have not seen any references until now in much research on the Internet on Bitter. Not to say that sketches and photos do not exist but they likely are still unscanned/imaged in libraries or dedicated art archives on the subject.

Queen City Discovery

Is this the source of your story? Any other clippings? etc.

In terms of further research the likely place to find data would be search on Stephens, Armstrong and Conklin and later Armstrong and Conklin as famous Philadelphia terra cotta makers and under that old spelling, not necessarily terracotta. That and unpublished Karl Bitters archives wherever they may exist. 

The Clay Worker

This article make its sound that the Bitter bas reliefs on ten American cities would be finished and installed after the opening day of the newly expanded renovated Broad Street Station. That would mean to me less newspaper articles on the subject.

That duplicate terra cotta panels may have been installed in PRR stations around the country, along with panels put in BSS. Terra Cotta is a product that can be duplicated in mass etc. 

That the Cincinnatti panel could have survived the 1923 fire and then be placed in the Cincinnati train station sounds like an internal corporate thing on which little published material is likely available. 

An interesting tangent to the whole old BSS story btw.