Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Electric Light Towers at Girard College - 1887-1926


Men and Women Watching Soldiers

(Though I think a more appropriate title for photo might be "Girard College students' mothers and alumni watching student cadets in 'Drills' on Founder's Day.")

Washington Star 2 May 1909


History of Girard College, by Cheesman A. Herrick 1927

Saw these towers in some photos and wondered what they were.

A lot of cutting edge high tech lighting to protect the 1,528 inmates in its day. Not an invasion of Tripods. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Philly Urban Legends? The True Height of Girard's Orphans' Wall

Inquirer 27 July 1939

I heard two things in my childhood.

One was that the wall was 14 feet above ground and 14 feet below ground because Stephen Girard's will said that the wall had to be 28 feet high and the designers and trustee lawyers thought it too ugly a thing to build. etc. 

That and the bankers were like under some schedule to spend money from the Estate Trust Fund or not build up too much interest on that Trust Fund and the extra time, labor and bricks was a make work job to comply with the terms of that will. A kind of moral waste of the rich tale?

Friday, July 13, 2018

North Central Presbyterian Church, Congregation Rodef Shalom, Lorraine Hotel ... 1899 - Edmunds Glass Plate Negatives FLP

Unknown Church

On right, North Broad Street - North Central Presbyterian Church, Congregation Rodef Shalom, Lorraine Hotel in distance

On left, North Broad Street - empty lot of future Central High School, St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Volunteer Firemen, Peace Jubilee Parade 1898 - East Side of North Broad Street 813 Northward


Peace Jubilee Parade 1898 - Electric lights and KGE sign Knights of the Golden Eagle strung across Broad Street from 814-816 N Broad St.. First raised review stand up (central right) against Philadelphia Conservatory of Music building 819 N. Broad St. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Elevated Railway Entrance - E. Tioga St. and Kensington Ave. - circa 1930 - Engel Dairy "K" & Tioga Streets

Elevated Tracks

1942 Land Use Map

Wiliam J Engel - 1870 / 1952 - "Retired Milk Dealer" on death certificate at Nursing Home in Huntingdon Valley, Pa..

Inquirer 1 Jan 1953

Sunday, July 1, 2018

"North Broad Shell" - Auto Repair - circa 1936 - Claude Alexander, Photographer

Gas Station 1930s 

I am listing the above photo as "North Broad Shell", without an exact address as I do not have access to a 1936 Philadelphia phonebook, on the photo magnification of the back of the uniform of a gas station attendant to the right of the photo. 

Shell Oil had advertising for free maps in 1929 and 1930. The 1929 advertising, possibly through an Ad Agency listed as Elverson Building 400 N. Broad. And some of the 1930 ads below. 

 Inquirer 29 May 1930

Inquirer 31 May 1930

1934 Buick Series V50-60 - circa 1936 - Claude Alexander, Photographer

Brand New 1934 Buick - $795 BTW

1934 Buick Series V50-60 

Friday, June 22, 2018

A ~ B Stove Company Battle Creek - Deluxe Model - Circa 1936 - Claude H. Alexander Photographer

Stoves - Unknown Scene - Claude H. Alexander

The above stove I would describe as the "delux" model with a warming oven on the top right for dishes or finished dishes, sweet and or savory pies etc., along with what looks like storage space on the bottom with two compartments probably for pot storage. 

A more common apartment model that I remember from sharing an apartment up near Columbia U. close to four decades ago that still had such an antique in it, rent control and all that and the landlord's reluctance to spend on any upgrades on kitchen hardware (below). The apartment with three bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths if you counted the tiny maid's room off the kitchen was in the possession of the same family since the building was built in 1929, father to son to grandson. Great grandson no longer eligible or "grandfathered" into old Rent Control Laws per his date of birth.  Oven and stove needs a big box of matches nearby for use.

A~B Gas Stove - standard model - circa 1927

Perhaps this stove (first photo above) was in the the photographer Claude H. Alexander's Bleigh street house in Mayfair. I also see my grandmother's toaster on top of the warming oven, where you had to manually turn the bread for toasting toward the heating unit and what looks like a leather camera bag on a shelf near the window. 

The A~B Stove Company in Battle Creek was doing business in that name until 1945 when it merged with "Michigan-Detroit Stove Company" - now out of business.

One bit of interest to me in research of A~B was an A~B stove in 1916 that they introduced a stove model that was half gas and half coal. Saw one of these models in an antique store in Easton about 2003 in mint or restored condition with price to match.