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Building on Spec ? - 310 Chestnut Street - Inquirer 2 April 1874

Same Building? 310 Chestnut Street



Inquirer 31 March 1870


Frank Furness Influences - George Edward Harney ?

I used to take the bus downtown via Broadway on occasion and once thought that 670 Broadway was by Frank Furness. The building was a lot dirtier back when, and so was the PAFA at one time for comparison shopping. The patina sort of added to my false Frank Furness assessment. I have since found that the building with the 1873 date in Iron on the front of the building, the iron number pieces which were once painted black btw in my memory, was by the architect George Edward Harney from New York

George Edward Harney. 

That there is a 1870 book that Harney published and I cannot but see shades of a later Furness in the designs for stables and outbuildings and fences that Furness no doubt had access to at Leary's book store on 9th street.

Stable, Outbuildings and Fences

Shades of the Philadelphia Zoo?

Shades of the B & O Train Station?



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Anna McClarmonde Chase, Mrs. Franklin Chase, Heroine of Tampico 1846 - (1808-1874)

Anna McClarmonde Chase, 
Mrs. Franklin Chase, 
Heroine of Tampico 1846.

Staying behind at U.S. Consulate in Tampico Mexico under her British Passport, Anna Chase continued to run the family import business as her husband, the U.S. Consul and other Americans were expelled from Mexico at the beginning of the Mexican American War. Mrs. Chase fed info to the American fleet offshore through friendly British sailors. Tampico was a small port and stepping off point for American forces to take the Port of Vera Cruz further down the coast. Her intercepted stats on the size of the impending U.S. invasion by Marines sent the Mexicans to abandon Tampico which was captured without casualties on November 14, 1846.

New Orleans Bulletin 5 Jan 1875