Monday, July 17, 2017

5700 Tacony Street - 1951

This photo of a post-civil war house circa 1870s with a Mansard Roof reminds me of my uncle's house, and my grandparents before that, that used to exist on the 5300 block of Tacony St. across from the old arsenal, before it was condemned, torn down around 1961 and is now under the elevated road of I-95. 

My uncle's house was of the same design and approximate size with the whole structure but being half of a double with this design in the photo. A lot of houses in those days got built by the same craftsmen in same neighborhoods etc. Not all the houses in the 5300 block were the same but mostly simple wooden frame houses and also doubles. My uncle's may or may not have been brick covered as it was covered in those horrible old light brown faux brick design asbestos singles siding btw. 

Wonder if they carted away the houses or just used the debris as part of land fill under the highway?


S 12th Street and Fitzwater - 1908


Surfacing Broad Street Bridge at Callowhill - 1898


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Arthur T. Colburn Yacht Tragedy - July 1901

1917 Advertisment

New York Times 20 July 1901

Mrs. Spankle was I believe Mrs. Madeline Spankle, Arthur Colburn's youngest and married daughter.

Phila Inquirer 11 Oct 1930 (Photo) below:

June 30, 2017

The Helena Daily Independent
(Helena, MT)
Sat., Oct 11, 1930
Pg. 3, Col. 5

Stockbroker Slain In
Office By a Customer

Philadelphia, Oct. 10 - Edwin W. Sprankle, a member of a
socially prominent suburban family and a confidential clerk of
Carstairs & Co., stock brokers, was shot to death today at the
company's offices by a former customer, who then shot himself,
dying later in a hospital.

Sprankle, who was 32, was shot three times while he talked with
the former customer, Adam Jakus, a barber of Oakview, a suburb.

James B. Carstairs, senior member of the brokerage firm, said
Jakus had closed out his account on Sept. 15 and received a
check for his balance. Carstairs said he was not known to have
had further dealings with the company and could offer no motive
for the shooting.

Police said Jakus had recently taken a friend to the company's
offices and the friend had lost heavily in the stock market
slump. They indicated the shooting might have resulted from an
argument over the friend's account.

Edwin was the s/o Walter Judson Sprankle & Madeline Colburn.
You may recall a story that Maureen found about Mrs. Walter
Sprankle surviving a tragic yacht accident in 1901.