Monday, September 17, 2012

Lunch at Dennett Surpassing Lunch Room - 1309 Market St or 13 S Ninth St - Philadelphia - 1899

Gimbel Brothers, Market Street at 9th, Southeast corner Philadelphia 1899 The building, with Leary's Old Bookstore and advertisement for "Dennett's surpassing coffee" next door. Horses & coaches, trolley tracks, and people in the street.

Dennett Surpassing Coffee Companv's
 25 PARK ROW, opposite Post OfTice 12 MYRTLE AVENUE, near City Hall
 4 and 6 BEEKMAN ST., near Post Office 353 and 355 FULTON ST., near City Hall
 US and 145 NASSAU ST., Potter Building 30 LIBERTY ST., near the Great Bridge
 21 and 23 ANN ST., near Broadway 195 FULTON ST., near the Great Bridge  109 NASSAU ST., near Ann Street
 40 BROAD STREET. South of Wall Street
 140 E. 14th ST., opposite Tammany Hall
 13 S. NINTH ST., opposite Post Office 306 E. BALTIMORE ST., opposite Sun Building
 529 CHESTNUT ST., opposite Independence Hall 308 W. BALTIMORE ST., near Eulaw Street
1309 MARKET ST., opposite Wanamaker's
 Popular Prices ^p^" Q^y °^^ %^^ ^^^^p* Sundays neatness aqil DespatcH
S. S. SWAIM, General Manager


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