Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bank of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - Benjamin Latrobe - 1801-1867

Bank of Pennsylvania Phila., Second St Above Walnut, Front

Floorplan - 56 x 156 - Marble Facades Front and Back,
Painted Brick on Sides

2nd Floor


Demolition - 1867 

View - 1960

View - 2000


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  1. Bank of Pennsylvani used Ionic Columns which created a Roman Portico and was even more Roman in emphasis upon the interior space. It had a Domed Ceiling (Pantheon like) and a Barrel-valulted room. The entire roof is covered with Marble .The fluted ionic columns looks like Villa Capra by Palladio near Vicneza. The Interior ceiling looked like the Pantheon with Coffers and an Eye in the Center.