Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Diner - "O" Street and Eire Avenue - Philadelphia - circa 1970s - Northeast Diner

Intersection "O"St and Eire Ave, Phila, Car lot, Site of former Diner (top right) (Bing Maps)

Been looking for photos of a Diner that used to sit at the intersection of "O" and Eire Avenues in Northeast Philly in the 1960's and 70's next to old Penn Fruit. Nothing but a used car sales lot now. 

Finally have proof that my memory at least was correct.  I do not or cannot remember if this Diner had a name but in the back of my brain, the name Northeast Diner comes to mind?

4/10/13 - An addition to the story of the "Northeast Diner" and a Philly Sports story about Jack Friel and the '68 North Catholic Varsity Basketball team that took too long to eat breakfast there :




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