Monday, August 5, 2013

Saint James Episcopal Church - 22nd and Walnut Sts.- Philadelphia




St James Church Philadelphia 

- Also (*) See comment #2 Michael J. Lewis - 2 Jan 2016 - for clarification of Architect’s credit.

NW Corner 22nd and Walnut Sts. - Present (Google Maps)

Apostle Mosaics - St. Joan of Arc Harrowgate Philly

                                                                                                                                                     SJA photos - L.Gould

Repurposed Salviati Mosaics -



  1. This was a helpful post for a report I am writing about reflective preservation. Thanks!

  2. Just for the record, St. James was not designed by Fraser, Furness & Hewitt, but by the New York architect Emlen T. Littell. This frequently repeated mistake is a distortion of George W. Hewitt's limited involvement with the church. He served as Littell's superintendent of construction during the latter's absence, and later added the tower to Littell's original building. But neither he nor Fraser and Furness had anything to do with the design of the church itself, as can be confirmed by examining Littell's printed specifications at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
    - Michael J Lewis, Williams College

  3. Thank you for that clarification. Was only quoting 2008 book and image with what appears to be incorrect info, link below image. Have made notation of your info in blog article. (*)

    My own quest and research in St. James had to trying to verify oral tradition that twelve Salviati Mosaics from St. James had been repurposed in Saint Joan of Arc RC church (1946) in Harrowgate Philadelphia. Have added last link in blog to show some of that. FYI