Sunday, November 16, 2014

Craxtex Mills - K & V - Kensington and E. Venango Street Philadelphia

”… it was hard work for all of us. And on the hottest days in the summer they turned the heat on to make the looms run better! Dehumidifying the place would have cost too much I guess, and the looms were much more important than mere workers.

“Worked at Craftex Mills one summer in high school. The looms had to be keep working efficiently by keeping the temperature extremely high . It was already hot as Hell but they had the HEAT ON in the steam radiator system. Fuck the workers...keep those shuttlecocks rolling! Also, there were enormous flying roaches all over. Nah! Factories seemed cool from afar, but...inside? No thanks!”

Blumhaven Digest Vol.4 No. 1 October 1960

Photo Images: Google Street Maps

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