Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Guernsey Colonial Mansion – Huckel Homestead – 4340 Frankford Ave. Phila. – 1919

The Public Ledger - April 1, 1919

The other end of the Lafayette Arch across Frankford Road (Main Street) across from the Worrell House, 4335 Frankford Ave., was the Guernsey Mansion (Dr. Wm. Jefferson Guernsey) at 4340 Frankford Ave. (Link below for Worrell House.) Looking at the 1910 plot map, property structures are not exactly across the road from each other which suggests that the arch reached across more expanded land of properties in 1824, the arch was diagonal across road or arch and commemorative plaque in later days (1912) is an approximation of location of arch.

The American Architect - 1919

Magazine article above is or is not accurate - the eventual Frankford Trust Company building was eventually built on NW corner Frankford Avenue and Unity Street and not at 4340 Frankford Avenue.  

Inscription on missing 1912 bronze plaque as mentioned in above link: 

The Public Ledger - April 1, 1919


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