Monday, April 27, 2015

Plank Road and Harrowgate Land Company - 1857

“With private capital at that time a road was paved with planks on the banks of the Delaware River, which is now known as "Old Front Street" in Philadelphia. Led them north towards Frankford, which developed as major industrial region since the turn of the 19th century.. Only a year later (1858) opened the first horse tram with the Frankford and Southwark Passenger RR in Philadelphia. …The terrain of Harrowgate (present-day territory of Venango Street and Kensington Ave. between Kensington and Frankford), named after a sanatorium founded there in 1780. The small contact (20) and the unusually high share par value (1200 $) show that the company from the beginning wanted to have pretty solid group of shareholders.” (robot translation from German)


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