Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hirst-Roger Co. Carpet Manufacturer – E Allegheny and Kensington - 1920

What attracted me to the following images in this book about how to custom upholster these new car things, many times custom creations on in their own right,  in the 19-teens, was the “K & A” address, gateway to Harrowgate, and the extinct factory that later would be part of the site of the Midway Theatre.  The images form a micro-industry start to finish visual of the process of making carpeting for automobiles. 

Trade Magazine Advertisement - 1898

Source: Motor Car Upholstering – 1920 (copyright expired) (Public Domain  - U.S.)

Allegheny and Kensington – Looking East - 1916

Factory left - future site of Midway Theatre and other buildings in the 1930s.


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