Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Philly" Pineapple Cheese Pie Recipe

Here is a post WWII recipe for Pineapple Cheese Pie. The article I found it in the Evening Recorder Amsterdam NY 14 August 1947 makes reference to the fact that Pineapples are no longer restricted and or rationed.  This recipe reflects I think the whole rationing thing in WWII. Honey instead of sugar which I like better with dairy stuff, yogurt and such.  The evaporated or canned milk instead of fresh which if not rationed probably was not a big production item, when the daily supply ran dry, it ran dry, for the war effort and all that. I am not too keen on cloves but maybe nutmeg was not readily available from overseas. I have never had a pie crust made with milk in it that I know of. Don't normally make pie crusts, buy them pre-made like I did for Pumpkin Pies at Thanksgiving. Seems a bit exotic but it is pastry after all and not incompatible with that category of goods. Am on sort of a restricted diet at the moment and will try to make this recipe in the future.  Am putting it here in case anybody wants that old fashioned taste of what I grew up with in Philly – Pineapple Cheese Pie – Something you did not make at home but bought at the local corner bakery on Sunday. Something a bit obsolete and forgotten in the current American Taste Buds corporate marketing thing.


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