Thursday, April 7, 2016

P.R.R. Casualties Harrowgate Crossing - 1888


The Harrowgate crossing of the Pennsylvania
Railroad at Kensington avenue has been
a prolific source of danger and mortality, and
the topography of the ground aids it. The
ground is elevated north of the steam track on
the avenue, and the “Dummy” cars have, with
the uncontrollable momentum, on several
occasions broken the guard and plunged ahead
of approaching trains, narrowly escaping
great loss of  life. The danger to pedestrians
is also great, and not a few lives have been
sacrificed at this point and in the vicinity.
On Febmary 11, Albert P. Weyman, a highly
esteemed citizen, aged 46, supposing all trains
to have passed, was overtaken by an express
train and crushed out of human shape. On
March 28 an unknown man, apparently of
middle age, was run down and killed, and two
days later the same fatality overtook another
unknown man of about the same age. On
April 11 Jane Wals, aged 45, attempted to
cross the track but failed to see an approaching
express train, which hurled her into
eternity. On April 26 an unknown man, about
45 years of age, was run over by a train and
instantly killed, and on May 3 Robert Hays, a
promising boy of 17 years, was cut off in the
flower of his youth by a Pennsylvania train.
Only a short distance away an unknown man.
aged 50 years, was killed by the cars, and on
June 10 Hugh Orilley, aged 54, was run over
near Snyder avenue. S. B. Apgar, 39 years
old, died on August 4 from injuries received at
the -York street bridge two days previously,
suffering excruciating torture in the
meantime. An unknown man aged 35, was also
killed August 2 at the Kensington av crossing.

Source: Phila.Inquirer 21 Jan 1888


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